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help me! im hopeless!!!

2009-07-14 02:07:25 by badgerfrank10

i am new to, well art in general, and really want to start drawing (and animating) my own work, but i am pretty awful at anything i try, no matter how hard i try my shading sucks, characters look like 3rd grade doodles, lines are sloppy, and to top it all off, when i tried the cs4 trial my movies were the most stiff awful things in the history of anything.

but now to the point

i need huge amounts of pointers and help, i also need to find my style because everything ive tried so far is garbage (when i draw it that is) and a list of needed materials/equipment i need would help greatly, finally, being artistically retarded, please explain any technical terms that i would really need to know, i know this is asking alot, but i really need the help.



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2009-07-14 02:19:42

practice makes perfect

badgerfrank10 responds:

very true, but it doesn't help that my knowledge of the subject is basically crap


2009-07-14 15:54:05

then go outside, or search pictures on the internet and copy them down, really study their anatomy

badgerfrank10 responds:

thanks, ill do that, i also started working on a little project, its kinda late so ill finish it tomorow, its really just a doodle, but its a comedic look at the image board /b/, kind of like that interpretation of the bbs in that sketchbook thing, can't remember by who though...


2009-07-16 13:46:52

Haha it sounds like you are panicking =P

Basically, find something you like or passionate about mine was my love for anime drawings tbh thats when i got serious about drawing. If you have interest in what you draw it makes it a whole lot easier.

Generally when it comes to drawing people you need a good understanding of proportions and anatomy this comes naturally when drawing from life or using reference pictures you find here and there. Just keep trying to draw and eventually you will build a better understanding of the basics.

Shading and colour can come later. They just help bring the picture to life and add a bit more dimension to it. But you need a good inital sketch before you should consider these.

Dont worry too much about style that kinda comes later too, you dont need think oh this is my style etc etc it just comes naturally as you progress. I wasnt naturally good at art but its true that you just have to keep practicing from other ppls work and eventually you will get a feel for it when you do your own thing.

Material wise, depends what you want to draw. For traditional art obviously a pencil, HB is the standard and then it goes into B 2B 3B etc the higher the B number the softer the graphite. The other end of the grade is H 2H 3H etc they are quite hard and isnt usually desirable when drawing.

Digital you need the right program and again depending on what you want to draw you might use a mouse or tablet. Photoshop and Corel Painter are probably the best programs out there but they arent cheap and quite daunting first time round. Theres free software similar to them like SAI, GIMP, Art Rage, Open Canvas, etc

Unfortunately i dont know too much about animating (im trying to learn atm) but you will need to have a basic grasp of drawing anyway =/

Feel free to ask me anything, id be happy to help ^.^

Ps. Sorry its sooo long =S

badgerfrank10 responds:

thanks, i really appreciate all this, right now i am horrible, but am getting better, btw i already have GIMP, i just have to practice, thank you for the advice.