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getting much better!

2009-07-19 22:13:41 by badgerfrank10

practice helped alot (thanks guys!) saving up to get a tablet, and am currently workin on a drawing of a fallout 2 enclave soldier

(below is original image, entire piece will be done by hand)

getting much better!


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2009-07-19 22:15:54

are you going to color it as well?

badgerfrank10 responds:

i'm not sure, im pretty terrible with my art at this point, i can tell you that i'm going to (try) to shade it


2009-07-19 22:27:54

whoops, i mean brothehood of steel soldier


2009-07-20 19:22:38

T-51 b Power Armor? That might be a bit challenging.


2009-07-20 19:23:35

You do realize thats not a fallout 2 Enclave soldier right?

badgerfrank10 responds:

look at the second comment in this list


2009-07-20 19:25:05

Simon, go suck a dick, fucking troll. You make retarded fucking videos that always have no purpose whatsoever! So shut the fuck up and drop dead bitch!

badgerfrank10 responds:

you don't want to make me angsty... you wouldnt like me when i'm angsty


2009-07-21 10:55:38

i would like to see more on death claws everyone seems too ignore them anyhoo being a big fan of fallout bit ashamed to say i have only played fallout 3 but isnt that anough? cant wait too see what it looks like when drawn!

badgerfrank10 responds:

t51-b is actually proving to be pretty difficult at the moment, so i might as well try a deathclaw, i can't get the helmet right at all...

so yeah deathclaw, this is another project for another day


2009-07-28 12:16:07

Oh! Sorry I didn't see that comment.


2009-07-28 12:16:59

I was talking to SimonBirch. Angsty? I'm sorry but I've never heard that word before.

badgerfrank10 responds:

a joke about angsty teenagers amking up most of NG's population, dont worry about it